Vier analyses van de huidige crisis mbt COVID 19 te vinden op

  1. COVID-19: Exposing the fault lines by Madeleine Rees.

An introduction to the analyses that we will be producing and posting during the pandemic. It links what is happening to the fault lines that WILPF has been drawing attention to during our history.

  1. What has COVID-19 Taught Us about Neoliberalism?

In this article, Nela Porobić Isaković argues that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light the toxic effects of our system of neoliberalism. She details the effects that this crisis is having and will have, particularly the differentiated effects on women, and shows that there are alternatives beyond neoliberalism.

  1. Organise or Militarise?

In this article, Ray Acheson advocates that a militarist response to this pandemic comes at the expense of every aspect of social wellbeing. Instead of directing our funds into militarism, we need to redirect them to social and environmental wellbeing. She argues the importance of recognising that, now, more than ever, inequality kills, and solidarity is the way forward.

  1. “Waging War” Against a Virus is NOT What We Need to Be Doing

In this article, Cynthia Enloe, feminist writer, theorist, and professor known for her work on gender and militarism, shares her thoughts on COVID-19. Cynthia Enloe is a member of WILPF Academic Network.